Open Text DMS


Open Text DMS – Document Management System – specification and characteristics:

      • Organization and exchange of electronic documents
      • Direct scanning of paper documents in DMS
      • Assigning the desired metadata (index data)
      • Classification of documents according to content
      • Ranking documents and note list of the top-ranked and most viewed documents
      • Business Process Automation (request for change, revision and document approval)
      • Document access control (up to 9 levels of protection)
      • Records of all access and document editing
      • Using quick or detailed search to find documents in a simple manner
      • Document versioning
      • Creating reports about documents
      • Management of records containing multiple documents
      • Direct work from popular software – optional

This platform enables the creation of documents in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power Point, etc.), Lotus mail and similar software products, providing drag and drop options in online Open Text document management system.