OpenText Stream Serve


OpenText Stream Serve is software for paper and electronic mail management from multiple directories. It automatically adjusts shipments to customers, with maximum cost savings, using traditional and electronic communication channels.

Stream Serve automatically searches for information in the document from the time of its creation and, using specified parameter values, finds the profile and history of customers. This advanced search tool allows more accurate predictions about customers’ individual needs, resulting in improved and more efficient communication with customers, and even the ability to adapt shipments to each of them individually.

Stream Serve generates each account or shipment individually and at high speed, even when it comes to the massive volume of shipments. Therefore, whenever a group account or shipment is sent to different customers from the same group, each of them will be able to see specific offers, tailored for each of them according to their relevant characteristics (income level, city of residence, etc.).

How does Stream Serve work??

Using given search parameters in order to achieve a more efficient communication with customers, Stream Serve automatically combines data from different directories, with no impact on existing business processes. This automatic data association saves time, resources and costs of communication with customers.

Stream Serve enables managers to directly implement the content search rules of the required materials without the support of IT staff. Stream Serve has automatic recovery system which guarantees the output and documentation revision at any time (24/7).

Stream Serve supports multiple languages, fonts and personalized messages based on the type of account, the characteristics of a particular customer (such as his age), etc.