OpenText for MS SharePoint


MS SharePoint is a web application platform developed by Microsoft and introduced in 2001, which combines an intranet, content management (Content Management) and document management (Document Management). Organizations can use SharePoint to create websites as a safe place to store, organize and access information from virtually any device.

SharePoint is closely integrated with Office package and has tools that are designed for non-technical users. SharePoint can provide the use of intranet portals, document management and files, collaboration, social networking, website development, search companies and so on. It also supports system integration, process integration and business process automation.

Organizations need to integrate SharePoint into their existing structure and policy information management, while maintaining a holistic approach to business content, which is necessary for fast and effective decision-making.

OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint provides integrated, enterprise-grade full-scale content management of SharePoint websites and large quantities of documents. Using this solution, organizations can more easily manage SharePoint sites, establish greater compliance and policy-controlled archiving, have open access to all its facilities and reduce costs of administration and storage.

OpenText SharePoint application is a very convenient solution for storing extremely large volume of scanned documents in multiple folders, with easy access to documents.