OpenText for SAP

OpenText is a leader in managing unstructured information in business processes for SAP solutions and applications users.

OpenText SAP is a solution based on the principle of unity, allowing full scale business process management in the company. Because of clustering along specific business areas, these solutions enable line managers to focus on making both their own business decisions and, at the same time, integrated decisions on enterprise level.

All clustered solutions use the value of an open suite concept that is designed to enable you to use common enterprise architecture to organize and control all of your digital information – supporting SAP HANA as well as SAP cloud and mobility solutions.

OpenText Archiving and Document Access is the ECM solution for companies that use any of the SAP enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, PLM, etc.) or SAP solution based on SAP ERP. This solution can be easily integrated into existing SAP structure and allows users access to all documents regardless of the time or the place where they are located.

All employees have immediate access to the same information and can quickly and easily search, download, share, communicate and use all data and documents within the SAP infrastructure. This enables efficient  global operation management with a consistent flow of information to integrate not only the users of SAP solutions, but also employees with limited knowledge of SAP, suppliers and business partners.

OpenText Archiving and Document Access solution is available in three versions, each adapted to meet the needs of users for data archiving, document archiving and document access with virtual folders in SAP environment.

  • OpenText Data Archiving for SAP Solutions
  • OpenText Archiving for SAP Solutions
  • OpenText Document Access for SAP Solutions