plave-strelice-PIS In 1990 – our company Poslovni Informacioni Sistemi – PIS d.o.o. (Business Information Systems – PIS Ltd.) was founded in cooperation with Kodak and since then we’ve been distributing COM and microfilming equipment;

plave-strelice-PIS In 1994 PIS Ltd. started to distribute KODAK scanners from KODAK Document Imaging program;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2000 we started to distribute movie strip of KODAK Motion Pictures program;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2002 PIS Ltd. became a distributor of smart card printers of the leading American company ELTRON;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2003 PIS Ltd. becomes a distributor for software company NFive (some of their products: CardFive, LabelFive, DeskFive and KeyFive);

plave-strelice-PIS The same year we became a partner of ZEBRA TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION, after the integration of the two American companies ZEBRA and ELTRON;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2004 PIS Ltd. became a partner of AXALTO, a global leading company in the Smart Card business field, by which we have expanded our activities in the direction of designing database systems based on corporate smart cards;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2005 PIS Ltd. became a partner with KODAK in establishing Beo Film lab, film post-production lab based in Belgrade;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2006 our outsourcing center ARHIVIRAJ.COM is initiated as a complete program for scanning, microfilming, management and archiving of paper and electronic documents;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2006 PIS Ltd. became GEMALTO partner (two companies AXALTO and GEMPLUS were merged into GEMALTO)

plave-strelice-PIS In 2007 PIS Ltd. became partner with ATIZ company, producer of BookSnap and BookDrive – the latest book scanners up to DIN A2 format ;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2008 PIS Ltd. became partner with OpenText Company for ECM – Enterprise Content Management and software solutions such as DMS, WorkFlow, BPM, OCR (orders, checks, checks specifications, invoices), Content Management and Email Management, with the possibility for full integration with SAP system and other information systems used by clients;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2010 construction of first ARHIVIRAJ.COM archive depot (Archive I) was completed, with total area of 4.000 square meters. The depot is built and organized according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 15489 standards;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2013 PIS Ltd. successfully implemented OpenText DMS and BPM solutions in Telenor Serbia;

plave-strelice-PIS In 2014 another archive depot was built, Archive II, total area of 10.000 square meters. Archive II is built according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 15489 standards. Objects Archive I and Archive II have a total area of 14.000 square meters of archive space.

plave-strelice-PIS In 2015 our company is planning to build PIS-ARHIVIRAJ.COM Archival Depot (Archive III), total area of 10.000 square meters. After completion of this project, total area (including the Archive III) will be 24.000 square meters of archival space; all facilities are 100% owned by PIS Company.

plave-strelice-PIS In 2016 our company has become a member of the Archive Global Network, a professional network of companies specialized in complete Document Management and Enterprise Information Management solutions.