Electronic Mailroom


OpenText Electronic Mailroom is the world’s leading solution that enables users to easily manage paper and electronic input/output documentation, thereby achieving significant cost savings through automated assignment of the registry number, scanning, approval and archiving of documents, by respecting regulations on office business.

OpenText module Electronic Mailroom ensures simple and transparent recording and distribution of received and issued paper and electronic input/output documents. Electronic Mailroom is a solution fully adjustable to customer requirements. The aim of the implementation of this system is to manage a single registry book, with a significant reduction of time needed for filing, processing and delivery of requirements, as well as to provide significant savings in operation. Electronic Mailroom is an effective mechanism for monitoring the document in all its stages – from the receipt, approval and implementation up to final paper and electronic archiving, with secure messaging and data sharing as well as simple integration with other electronic systems of the organization.

Basic functionalities of the OpenText Electronic Mailroom are:

• Managing the registry book– recording of the receipt and distribution of paper and electronic mail
• Possibility of mail records from multiple locations in a single registry book
• Assigning a standard or 2D barcodes for automatic processing and monitoring of mail
• Automated scanning of paper documents
• Email import and email records in the registry book (receiving of invoices, complaints via email, etc.)
• Possibility of automatic forwarding of documents to users and assigning the tasks
• Automated approval and task realization
• Possibility of document sharing
• Versioning of existing documents within the system
• Tracking changes and additions to the items with quick and easy document search options
• Locking of documents that are in the process of addition and/or changes by a specific user
• Track and record of comments added to documents
• Solving cases and complaints
• Assigning user access for certain document types only
• Evidence-based access control
• Tracking the flow of paper documents which provides integrated document management and archiving

Our company PIS d.o.o. – Business Information Systems Ltd. provides a complete implementation of the OpenText Electronic Mailroom, as well as the system adjustment according to customer requirements.