By implementing ARHIVO Online DMS – Document Management System solutions, clients can host digital documents on PIS servers. This allows quick access to scanned documents via a secure connection from any location without investing in their own hardware or software solutions.

Within ARHIVO Online DMS solutions we have developed:

  • Online Client Portal ARHIVO DMS
  • Online ARHIVO DMS module

Online Client Portal ARHIVO DMS serves to link users and scanning center. Through the online system, the user can make document submission list, monitor scanning process for each submitted document, send a request for delivery or generate a report.

Online ARHIVO DMS module represents an extension of the client portal, allowing clients direct access to scanned documents, which is located on the PIS servers.

Organization of document scanning is done according to the client’s request based on the index data. Users, according to their access rights, can search, browse, download or forward the document. Also, the documents can be printed or forwarded to e-mail.

User administration and document can be performed by client administrator or PIS administrator.