OpenText Content Management

OpenText ECM Content Management and Workflow represents a solution that allows you to work with a large amount of documentation (millions of scanned, paper and microfilmed documents). OpenText ECM is a scalable solution that allows easy introduction of new types of documents and adding new users, as well as expanding and adding new work processes in the system.

OpenText ECM includes modules for document management, advanced workflow, digital document signature, scanning, document imports and advanced options for creating reports. The system is prepared for full integration with other standard work applications (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Share Point, Adobe, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.). OpenText ECM contains the ability to connect easily with other working applications (such as Core Banking System, for example).

The core modules that form the basis of the OpenText ECM solutions are:

  • Imaging module, which includes, among other components, a scanning application with supporting module for asynchronous documentation transport
  • Business Process Management, which ensures implementation of workflow functionality of documents that are processed
  • Document Management and Archiving, which ensure secure, encrypted storage of processed documents and ease of use of documents by bank employees.

OpenText ECM Content Management – basic characteristics

  • Open Text Content Management includes modules for document management, advanced workflow, digital signature for documents, scanning, importing documents and creating advance reports
  • • The system is prepared for full integration with other standard work applications (Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Share Point, Adobe, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.)
  • Open Text Content Management has the ability to easily connect with other working applications and information systems

OpenText Content Management input module is OpenText Imaging Enterprise Scan module, which can scan up to more than a few million documents per day. Enterprise Scan also supports import of faxes and electronic documents via hot-folder (polling) mechanism, as well as automatic import of documents from e-mails.

OpenText Document Management is a software solution that helps company staff to reduce the waste of time and effort in organising, finding and managing business documents. Document management system allows users to scan documents, create electronic documents, organize them and manage all electronic documents that are located on the central Open Text server. Digital scans and other electronic documents stored in the Open Text Document Management server can be easily and quickly found through internal network (Intranet), Internet, or secure connections.

With Open Text Document Management System company can improve productivity and reduce costs by having instant access to organized documentation, document versioning, business process automation and rapid responses to client requests.

Open Text Content Management is a default Web-oriented solution that allows access to documents regardless of the user’s location. Rules on access to and use of documents are specified for each individual user. Open Text Content Suite uses the most advanced technology of virtual folder that allows each user to view information grouped according to his needs (for example, a user from the branch office can observe data grouped according to the users of that particular branch, while a user in the head office has a view grouped by branches or products – loans, accounts, etc.).

Open Text ECM solution provides a unique presentation of the consolidated data from all working applications, so that the user (by simply entering the client’s code number) can view in one place all available information about that client (for example, his electronic and scanned documentation, complete e-mail correspondence regarding customer’s information from SAP, Core Banking System, or other information systems, etc.).

Integration with additional applications

The system allows users of popular software packages (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Lotus Mail) to open and save the document directly from the repository. Consumers can transfer files between the desktop and the repository, with simple drag and drop actions in Windows Explorer. The system supports WebDav protocol, and provides every user of those applications that also support it with direct connection to the repository.