Wristband printers

HC100 printer is ideal solution for printing of personalized wristbands. It’s easy to use, with simple replacement of materials, small dimensions and highly applicable in healthcare, hospitality, tourism and entertainment.

Specification:Zebra stampac personalizovanih narukvica HC100

  • Direct thermal print
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Maximum print speed: 51 mm/s (wristbands for healthcare); 102 mm/s (wristbands for catering, tourism and entertainment)

HC100 printer is resistant to hospital disinfectants. We provide a wide range of patented, long-lasting Zebra antibacterial wristbands in all sizes, both for adults and infants. We also offer universal wristbands designed for different programs in tourism, hospitality, entertainment and similar, available in various colours with waterproof glue and suitable for one-day and longer use.

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