PIS – Business Information Systems Ltd. provides the most contemporary paper documentation scanning and digitizing services. The documents digitization is being performed on highly productive Kodak scanners, and currently we can offer scanning up to 150.000 documents per day as well as microfilming up to 150.000 documents on latest Kodak microfilm writer.

Kodak scanners provide the best quality of scanned images (crystal clear picture, uniform contrast, enhancement of blurred text, small capacity ratio) and the highest microfilm quality.


Scanning and document process is done on high speed color/B&W Kodak scanners. Kodak Alaris is leading company in the field of professional scanning. Kodak scanners have the option of improving scanned images and Tresholding, Color Dropout, AutoCrop (work with damaged documents, etc.), so that you always get the best image quality of the scanned document.

We can respond to any request for increase in daily volume of document scanning.

Standard scanning includes:

  • Scanning on Kodak professional devices up to A3 format
  • Up to 300 dpi B&W and color scanning
  • Indexing of leading document
  • Technical preparation of documents prior to scanning (removing staples and hefty, correcting curved documents, etc.)
  • Technical preparation of documents after scanning (back to the previous condition)
  • Export of scanned documents into any medium or in client’s DMS.

Advanced scanning includes:

  • Scanning of sensitive or damaged documents
  • Document scanning over A3 format
  • Scanning of bound documents
  • Scanning and automatic text/content recognition of the document (orders, checks, checks specifications, invoices, …) by using OCR, ICR and OMR methods
  • Data control and data import into the information system

Additionally, it is possible to scan in distributed multiple locations as well as scanning in client’s premises.