ARHIVO Scanning Center Software


Fully functioning ARHIVIRAJ.COM scanning center is run through a software system ARHIVO SC – Scanning Center Software. This software controls the reception of each document in the scanning center, its preparation, scanning, indexing, microfilming, packaging and transport to a unique archival place in the depot. This solution is suitable for work on an unlimited number of scanners, indexing stations, employing infinite number of operators who are responsible for the preparation, scanning, indexing and restoring documents.

ARHIVO SC software enables recording each list and processed document. In this way, the client can obtain report concerning each document’s current processing stage, as well as the name of the employee at the scanning center who was responsible for scanning, preparation, scanning, indexing and wrapping document with complete process recorded.

All stages in document processing (receiving, scanning, indexing, exporting, sending, archiving) are visible via online system.

ARHIVO SC software is fully configurable and the whole process is fully adapted to client requirements (the scan mode, the number of index data, bar code separation and recording of documents, OCR (orders, checks, checks specifications, invoices, …), the possibility of multiple control of the scanning process, records of employees in the process of digitalization of each document, etc.).

The system is configured to work with an extremely high volume of documentation (even millions of documents on a daily basis), with an unlimited number of operators, while retaining the speed and efficiency of the scanning.