Kodak Microfilm

Simple, reliable and legally recognized way for permanent archiving and protection of your documents using top quality Kodak devices. Kodak occupies 90% of the world market of digital microfilm writers.

Kodak i9600 digital microfilm writers


  • i9600 digital microfilm writer transfer your documents from digital form into microfilm
  • Microfilmed documents can be easily restored to digital or paper form
  • Kodak i9600 Archive Writer enables reduction of scanned images up to 99 times and input of microfilm addresses for automatic search
  • i9600 microfilm writers use standard 16 mm high quality microfilm.
  • Kodak provides a 500 year warranty on microfilm
  • Reduction factor of microfilm records is 40: 1
  • i9610 model – up to 200 images per minute
  • i9620 model – up to 400 images per minute
  • Packing density is 17.000 images per roll

Kodak Prostar microfilm processor


Kodak microfilm processor enables easy and precise development of microfilm with minimal operator training program.


  • Speed: 3 meters / minute
  • Temperature 36.5 ° C (+/- 1.5 ° C)
  • Chemical capacity: 1,3 L KODAK Prostar Plus Developer

1.3 L Kodak Prostar Plus fixer

  • Develops up to 900 16mm microfilm without chemicals
  • Develops up to 5000m 16mm microfilm by the addition of chemicals
  • Kodak 500-year guarantee on microfilm

Kodak Capture Pro software


Kodak Capture Pro Software allows you to easily (and without additional operator training) manage any scanning function. Kodak Capture Pro Software provides the following features:

  • Working with Kodak scanners and scanners from other manufacturers
  • Standard capture interface for your scanner
  • Supports integration into user applications
  • Eliminates need for numerous software retailers
  • Reduces learning time for operators and administrators
  • Allows support and common settings for different users