Kodak Archive Writer i4800

Keeping your documents on microfilm provides a safe, tested, legally recognized and permanent solution. By storing the relevant business documents on microfilm one can permanently solve the problem of document protection and safety. Space-saving shows up as an important aspect – in this sense, the microfilm record of a document (in relation to the paper version) takes up to 99% less space.

Paper originals, now stored on microfilm in its digitized version, can (as needed) be destroyed – a microfilm copy of the document has the same legal validity as the paper original.

We also provide disaster recovery solution, which means that the existence of microfilm copy ensures that no damage will be made by unexpected, catastrophic scenarios (floods, fire etc.).

The standard microfilming service includes:

  • Microfilming on the Kodak Archive Writer
  • Perfect microfilm images (up to 17.000 document images per one microfilm)
  • Parallel creation of microfilm and microfilm copies
  • Warranty on Kodak microfilm is 500 years
  • Duplication of microfilm (for disaster recovery)

Kodak Arhiv Writer Kasete