ARHIVO VDR – Virtual Data Room

VDR – VIRTUAL DATA ROOM – New software product offering from
PIS – Business Information Systems Ltd.

Company PIS – Business Information Systems Ltd. Belgrade, Serbia is the first company in the market of our country, which provides a new software product designed for the business environment – VDR – Virtual Data Room.

VDR – Virtual Data Room is a web portal with the highest level inf. security, which allows the operation and processing of electronic documentation, which is located outside the company.

VDR – Virtual Data Room enables all authorized users of the system to have access to and take out the activities of the documentation in accordance with the rights assigned to them. The documentation is located on a central server and is accessed via the Internet.

VDR – Virtual Data Room users can:

  • Create a project folder to upload contracts, financial statements and other due diligence files.
  • Get notified when anyone downloads, uploads, adds comments or makes edits.
  • Make folder content accessible to specify people.
  • Set access and determine permissions down to the person.
  • Set access and determine permissions down to the file.
  • Set access and determine permissions down to the time of day.
  • Track all activity and set alerts and notifications.
  • Set view-only permissions and dynamic watermarking to avert unauthorized sharing.
  • Keep all data safe and secure with multiple layers of protection.
  • Set up a timeline to determine when a shared file will be deleted or shared link will be deactivated.

In VDR – Virtual Data Room most sensitive business documents are secured, accessed and released on a “need-to-know” basis that’s completely under authorized users control.

VDR – Virtual Data Room makes secure data management easy, so user can focus on business activities.