Card readers

Gemalto citac kartica

Contact chip readers are used to enable secure network access by any standard smart card. Therefore, they are especially suitable for use as ID card readers, e-banking readers, etc. We also offer contactless chip reader, hybrid reader (contact and contactless chip), magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanners, such as:

  • Gemalto IDBridge CT30 (former name PC USB-TR i PC-TWIN)
  • Gemalto IDBridge CT40 (former name PC USB-SL)
  • Gemalto IDBridge 300 (former name Prox-SU)
  • Gemalto IDBridge 3000 (former name Prox-DU)
  • Gemalto IDBridge CT510 (former name PC Express)
  • HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripe readers
  • Barcode scanners