ARHIVO Legal Software

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PIS Company is the only company in the market that offers complete solution for business processes of public notary.

ARHIVO Legal Software provides fast and efficient services related to notary public records, filing out the forms (that are automatically  processed and archived) as well as numerous options and possibilities that can be combined in accordance with the needs and requirements of the client:

  • ARHIVO Legal software for Notary
  • Installation and Training Services
  • Scanning and microfilming of incoming and outgoing documents
  • Archiving original paper documents
  • Kodak scanners
  • Gemalto card readers
  • Identification cards

ARHIVO Legal software for Notars includes:

  • Records of all clients and directory
  • Automated drafting and filing out public notary forms from MS Word template
  • Automatic creation of objects and entry of data, such as those in notarial acts and case files
  • Automated billing and invoicing for services rendered
  • The application for scanning and automated object linking
  • Planning obligations
  • Advanced document contents search
  • Reports


  • Archiving of business documentation in our archival depots according to ISO standards
  • Scanning and microfilming of paper documentation
  • Inventory, managing and data importing into ARHIVO Archival Software
  • OCR automatic data recognition and extraction from documents (orders, checks, checks specifications, invoices, …)
  • Cloud – hosting of your electronic archive on our servers and online DMS
  • Destroying – shredding of paper documentation, cards, CDs/DVDs and other media

Identification cards:

  • Gemalto card readers – ideal solution for reading personal ID cards and other identification cards
  • Complete solution for physical access control and working time records
  • Hybrid cards for controlling access to rooms and cards for access control to computers and information systems
  • The solution for digital document signing
  • Card printing services

Advantages of ARHIVO software package:

  • Only PIS Company provides completely ARHIVO Legal solution for conducting notary business, offering services of archiving, documentation scanning and additional equipment
  • It enables you to conduct your notary busines in easy and simple manner, while reducing costs and saving time
  • Maximum security and confidentionality of documentation and data is provided
  • The archival space, aligned with the highest international standards, is also provided
  • The package includes ARHIVO software for archive and delivery requests management
  • Physical and electronic documentation delivery is provided