ARHIVO Asset Management


PIS Ltd. has developed a solution for inventory and asset tracking, which allows you to record, monitor and control all fixed assets and company inventory, from the moment of entry and labeling, up to the moment of their possible change, deployment, service, write-offs etc.

Checking and monitoring of fixed assets, at any time, provides an insight into the state of the fixed assets, with all necessary information and details regarding location, characteristics, usage, users, etc.

ARHIVO Asset Management solution will give you a better insight into fund management (managing assets, extending equipment life and postponing new, unnecessary purchases of assets). The company’s resource control and preparation of accompanying reports are also implemented in a facilitated manner.

This solution is an excellent support in asset management in manufacturing industries, agriculture, health, education, and other institutions and service industries.

Advantages of ARHIVO Asset Management solutions:

  • Smart monitoring and recording of fixed assets
  • Simplicity of listing and time saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Availability of data at any time
  • Reports on stages, changes, listing results etc.
  • Quick and easy training of IT staff and members of the inventory commission
  • Data export and results list
  • Integration with ERP systems and databases
  • Label printing service and listing