Secure Document Destruction i.e. Secure Shredding services

SAFE DESTRUCTION shredding of confidential documents
(paper, credit cards, CDs/DVDs or other media)

PIS Ltd. within its program ARHIVIRAJ.COM provides the following services which include the release of redundant physical archival material: safe destruction (excretion) and recycling of all types of documents according to the strictest standards and procedures. Destruction of documents is done off-site in PIS-ARHIVIRAJ.COM archive storage.

We perform the destruction of the following documentation:shredder

  • Paper, binders, books
  • Credit cards
  • CDs/DVDs
  • Other plastic media

How we destroy it:

  • The highest, level 4 of security destruction according to DIN / EU standards
  • Reconstruction of destroyed documents is impossible
    • PÖTTINGER – top quality Austrian made shredder with integrated briquetting press
  • Trained operators for safe work process
  • Operating procedures according to ISO 27001 standard and data protection laws
    • Cross Cut blades are made of high quality steel that cuts the paper lengthwise and crosswise into very thin and small strips

Where we destroy it:

  • Off-site – document destruction is held at PIS archive depot in physically and technically secured archive storage (closed and fenced area, video surveillance, security guard service etc.)
  • Free temporary stock of unlimited quantity of client’s documentation in PIS archive storage
  • Preparation of documents for destruction (removal from document records, folders and boxes and separation of records that will be returned to the client)
  • The whole process is being recorded and delivered to the client upon completion of work

How do we know that the data is safely destroyed:

  • Client and/or authorized person attend the destruction of documents
  • Destroyed documents are pressed and baled
  • After baling, destroyed documents are transferred to recycling process
  • Client will get complete report and video of the whole process