ARHIVO Archive Software


Our team of experts has developed ARHIVO software as a full-scale managing support for archives and archive depots, scanning centers and electronic documents, according to the strictest global standards and regulations of The Serbian Archive and Archives of the City of Belgrade.

ARHIVO Archive Software system represents online and Windows solution to organize, manage and search paper documents, as well as for processing and delivery of scanned requests and management of physical deliveries.

Our clients can order ARHIVO software solutions separately and install it in their offices, or they can use ARHIVO system free of charge within ARHIVIRAJ.COM outsourcing center, with an unlimited number of software licenses.

System capacity, as well as production of labels for the identification and classification of archival material can be fully customized to customer requirements. Software system allows management of archival units – archival boxes, records, etc.

The software provides keeping records of the categories of client documentation material, thus enabling simple elimination of expired documents (which significantly reduce your document archiving costs) and conducting of archival e-book that can be submitted to the competent archive.

Access to the system is possible by using a web browser, without installing any additional software.