OpenText Capture Center


OpenText Capture Center with its RecoStar system is the world’s leading solution for automatic OCR and ICR recognition and data processing from scanned documents (automatic processing of transfer order, invoice and various forms).

OpenText Capture is a market leader in the conversion of paper documents into electronic form and automatic document data processing, using OCR, OMR and ICR technology.

Advantages of OpenText Capture Center

  • OpenText Capture Center is the world’s leading solution for OCR recognition and automatic data entry into the information system
  • It transforms expensive and slow manual data entry in a fast and reliable automated process
  • It automatically detects type of documents (checks, invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, etc.)
  • It efficiently reads and processes specific information from recognized documents (client name, tax identification number, telephone number, table of content, etc.)
  • It has a unique learning algorithm, automatically identifies and processes the requested information in the documents – quickly recognize new types of documents, quickly identifies new types of documents, which have not been processed
  • For characters necessary to be transmitted to the information system, OpenText Capture Center shows up as extremely powerful character recognition system
  • It contains best RecoStar technologies for OCR, ICR and OMR (recognition of typed or hand-written text, which enables exceptional accuracy of the data obtained)
  • It can convert scanned documents into searchable PDF files
  • OpenText Capture Center contains technology for improving the quality of scanned images
  • It supports all languages