OCR document processing


Our company offers automated OCR data, orders, checks, checks specifications, invoices, processing services along with conversion of scanned images into searchable PDF or Word document. This way, through DMS systems, it is possible to search the entire text in scanned documents (similar to Google search). PIS Ltd. uses OpenText Capture Center solution for the purpose of OCR data processing.

OpenText Capture Center with its Recostar system is the world’s leading solution for automatic OCR and ICR recognition and data processing from scanned documents (automatic processing of transfer orders, invoices, checks, various forms). Some of the references for OpenText Capture Center include: UBS Bank, Deutsche Post, UK National Savings Bank etc.

OpenText Capture is market leader in the field of data capturing and data extraction from documents using OCR, ICR and OMR technology (e- conversion of paper documents, as well as automatic data processing from documents).